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Traditional Longbows E-mail
Our longbows are all made from traditional materials in the spirit of the bows used by Robin Hood, as well as by the English armies at the battles during the Hundred Year's war with France and during the Wars of the Roses.

Reenactment Longbows

These bows are made from a single piece of hickory - which looks exactly like ash but makes a better bow - , not joined or laminated, just as they were in medieval times. All bows are tillered to a maximum draw length of 32'', which means there is plenty of built-in safety in these bows. The strings are made of Dacron B-50, which will last much longer than a linen string.
Available in draw weights from 25lb - 45lb.

Price: £80

Heavy Reenactment Longbows

Technically, these bows are constructed in the same way as the re-enactment longbows, but with a higher draw weight for longer range target or distance shooting.
Available in draw weights from 50lb -65lb, slightly higher weights on request.

Price: £100

Youth Longbows

Made from ash or hickory and looking just like the adult longbows. Due to the great variation in draw weights and draw lengths required for different age groups, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What these bows have in common is a rather high draw weight in excess of 70lb. These bows are usually made to measure for the strong archer who needs the extra power for additional distance.
Available as laminate bow or in yew. Please contact us with your exact requirements

Price guide: Laminate bows: £350 to £400 and Yew bows: £450 to £650

Yew Bows

Yew has been highly prized as a wood for bow making since the stone age! Two distinct layers of outer sapwood and inner heartwood form a natural laminate, giving far superior performance than bows made out of most other woods.
The warbow of Crecy and Agincourt was made of yew and this wood has lost none of its appeal since!
All of our yew bows have slightly different characteristics, so please contact us with your exact requirements.
Guide prices: 35lb/28'' around £300, 50lb/30'' around £450, 70lb/32'' around £550