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Reenactment Recurved Grozier Horsebows E-mail

Grozer bows are the top-of-the-range horsebows, with excellent performance and reliability and designs that are very close to the originals.

We always have a large selection of these bows in stock, so please check in our stock list if the bow you are looking for is readily available. If we do not have the bow in stock, it can be made exactly to your specifications.

Bows currently available from stock:

Bows from various cultures and periods
Old Scythian bow

Total length: 50 1/4"

Length between siyahs: 45”

Length strung: 45"

Max. draw length: 32"

Draw weight: 25-60#

Brace height: 6"

Price £160

Hunnish bow

Total length: 63                  

Length between siyahs: 56" 1/2

Length strung: 55" 1/2"

Max. draw length: 31"

Draw weight: 25-80#

Brace height: 6"

Price £160

Roman bow

Total length: 58" 1/2

Length between siyahs: 57"

Length strung: 53"

Max. draw length: 32"

Draw weight: 30-60#

Brace height: 6" 3/4

Price £160

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