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We usually have 30 - 40 types of arrowheads in stock, but the types currently available may change. Please enquire.   

Target points
Field points Modern Bodkins            
Available in 5/16'' and 11/32''. Taper fit. Target points suitable for historical archery displays.
Available in 5/16'' and 11/32''. Taper fit.
Neolithic Arrowheads
Stone arrowheads
These arrowheads are made from hard stone, e.g. flint. They are actual archeological finds and are between 4000 and 10000 years old. The way they were fixed to the shaft is by cutting a nock into the front of the shaft and inserting the head. This is then secured either by wrapping with wet rawhide or with birch tar - the Araldite of the Stone Age.

Price: £3

Bone arrowheads
These are reproductions of bone arrowheads used in the Stone Age.





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