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We have a range of leather goods for historical archery. Please contact us for specific requirements.


Bowstrings for Longbows (£8)

Our bowstrings for Longbows are made from Dacron B-50. They have one loop and one loose end that can be fitted to any length bow with a bowyer's knot.

Bowstrings for Composite Bows (£8 to £10)

For composite bows, we need to know exactly for which bow you require a string, as they come in different lengths and 'ear' sizes.

Hand and Arm Protection

Thumb Rings (Horn: £12 - Brass: £18)

Traditionally, thumb rings were used with composite bows. On short bows drawing with the thumb avoids finger pinch and allows for a longer draw length.


Available in horn or brass.


Tabs (£1)

Simple soft leather tabs to protect the string fingers.

Shooting gloves (£10)

Three-fingered gloves to protect the string fingers. Much easier to use than a tab.


Available in S, M, L, XL


Y Gloves (£8)

Y gloves are worn on the bow hand to prevent feather cuts. If this happened to you before, you know how useful these are!


Available in S, M, L, XL


Beeswax (50p)

For the maintenance of bowstrings.


Bow Bags (£8)

Natural fabric sleeves for longbows and composite bows.


Foxtails (£15)

Medieval archers used to wear foxtails on their belts to clean arrows that had been shot. In tudor times these were replaced by the archer's tassels which are still in use today.


Horn Nocks (£18)

Polished horn nocks for fitting on longbows. These nocks are polished and come with an inside taper for easy fitting. A pair consist of one decorative upper nock and a sturdy bottom nock.


String Keeper (£3)

To prevent longbow strings from sliding down the bow and being lost.



Tapering Tools (£20)

Solid aluminium tools for tapering the correct angle to fit nocks and arrowheads.

Fits sizes 9/32'', 5/8'', 11/32'', 23/64''


Paul Hitchin Prints (£20)

Limited edition prints, signed and numbered by the author.


The Longbow Series DVDs (£20 each)

The Longbow Series are instructional DVDs designed to help the novice Bowyer, Arrowsmith or Fletcher. These step-by-step guides will help you through each step of making your own laminate warbow, Type 10 bodkin and war arrow.

Part 1:

Master Bowyer Steve Stratton takes you through a complete build-up of a laminated Warbow.

Part 2:

Master Arrowsmith Mark Stretton takes you through forging a Type 10 bodkin.

Part 3:

Master Fletcher Mick Manns takes you through the complete build of a medieval battle shaft.